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Dr. Mahendra Agraharkar is a highly accomplished, knowledgeable, and compassionate physician. He is well known nationally and around the world. He has practiced medicine in India, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, England, Canada, and several states of the United States. He speaks several languages fluently including English, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Telgu, and Arabic. He is married to Dr. Aruna Agraharkar who is a well-reputed physician specialized in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.


His son, Vishal Agraharkar, is a graduate from Williams College in Massachusetts, a law school graduate from Columbia Law School and now a Cochran Fellow. He is currently practicing law in New York, NY.  


His daughter, Shilpa Agraharkar, is a physician psychiatrist from New York School of Medicine, now specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU.