Reputable Medical Facility

Specializing in Nephrology and Internal Medicine

As an established medical facility in Webster, TX, Space City Associates of Nephrology has a well-practiced medical team specializing in nephrology and internal medicine. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and have been serving the residents of this fine city for over 12 years. With our medical expertise, you can be confident that we can address your specific health care needs.

Comprehensive Nephrology Care

Early detection is always a vital part of treating any type of ailment, and the same applies to kidney diseases. Having the particular training and certification for nephrology and internal medicine, we are more than capable of providing precise diagnosis and treatments to patients battling with kidney problems. When you suspect yourself of having issues with your urinary tract or kidney, we are the specialized medical facility to visit.

Our Clinic Locations

Our Physicians are Board certified and our clinics are conveniently located in several locations. You may choose the nearest one. We are affiliated with all south east Houston hospitals and dialysis units.

We accept the following insurances